Recommended Library for Lighting Enthusiasts

      The following books offer a good start for your lighting research. The list includes books for many interests. Some of the books are out of print but may be available. Many thanks to Harry and Bette Rapp for their advice on this list.

      The Rushlight Club is participating in the Associates Program. If a book is listed on, we have linked to it below. If you follow a link to a book that is in stock and purchase it, the Rushlight Club receives a commission. The Club does not receive a commission for out-of-print books that you purchase through Amazon but we have provided the links for your convenience.

      Another good source for out-of-print books is Rushlight Club members may place an ad in Flickerings to find out-of-print books. For information about placing a Flickerings ad, please contact the Flickerings Editor. Please email if you find any errors or can suggest other sources for out-of-print books.

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