Antique Lighting Webring

The Link to the Webring has beem discontinued. Links to lighting-related websites are now maintained on the Rushlight Club "Lighting Sites" page. Please read the Webring History below for more information.

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Webring History

The Antique Lighting Webring, established in 1999, was designed to help in the study and collection of early lighting devices, by making it easy to find relevant sites. At the time it was created, if you maintained a club site, a home page, or were in a commercial business primarily devoted to early lighting, you could join the webring at no cost. Over time, that primary focus on early lighting was lost. The Rushlight Club now maintains a list of links that parallel the intent of that early Webring on the "Lighting Sites" page.

If you currently maintain a club website of are involved in a business primarily devoted to early lighting, please contact the Rushlight Club webmaster and ask that your site be added to the "Lighting Sites" list.

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