Terms of Use

The Rushlight Club is an organization of individuals with an interest in the study of early lighting devices and lighting fuels. The Club offers this Q&A Forum to assist individuals in the identification of lighting devices and lighting related items as a means to stimulate an interest in the study of early lighting.

Questions, photos, answers, comments or other items deemed to be of general interest will be posted on the website. The posting or publishing of all material will be at the discretion fo the Rushlight Club Inc.

The Rushlight Q&A Forum may not be used for any commercial purpose. Questions relating to the value or rarity of items are outside the purpose of this forum and will not be answered. No items may be listed for sale. Personal information such as your address, phone number or e-mail address will not be listed on the Rushlight website. Questions, answers and comments are indexed by a supplied five-character reference ID.

By submitting information to the Rushlight Club, the user grants the Rushlight Club a license to publish the information supplied, including any photographs, images and drawings, on the Club's website and to publish or republish those items in Rushlight Club publications in any form whatsoever.