Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company

BY Jeanne Wenrich

Reprinted from The Rushlight, June, 1989. Copyright The Rushlight Club.All rights reserved.

Figure 1. Bradley & Hubbard handelier with "improved patent extension for raising and lowering", advertised in Crockery and Glass Journal, June 1875. All photographs by the author.

Figure 2. Large bronze chandelier for churches, halls, etc. From Crockery and Glass Journal, Oct. 7, 1875.

Figure 3. Bradley & Hubbard double flat wick burner with snuffers, on lamp of the 1890s.

Figure 4. Bradley & Hubbard nickel plate stand lamp.

Figure 5. Bradley & Hubbard flame deflectors for center draft burners. From a private collection.

Figure 6. B & H center draft round wick burner, 1892-1905.

Figure 7. B & H wrought iron lamp, 1892-1905.

Figure 8. B & H patented lift attachment, as advertised in Crockery and Glass Journal, July 1892.

Figure 10. Mark found on a metal cigarette box, ca. 1920.

Figure 11. Bradley & Hubbard leaf and paw foot, ca. 1897.

Figure 12. Patent drawing (1877) for Bourne's one piece shade-chimney, with clear glass bottom (a) and opal glass top (b).

Figure 13. Bradley & Hubbard lamp No. 030, 1870's.

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